Funding announcement 

We are excited to share that CPQCC has been awarded a National Institutes of Health (NIH)R01 grant to promote breastfeeding among Safety Net NICUs in California through an upcoming Safety Net NICU Quality Improvement Collaborative.

NICUs in safety net hospitals often provide care to populations with socioeconomic challenges while working under resource constraints. Despite these challenges, we found that care and outcomes among safety net NICUs vary tremendously.

Our goal

With this NIH grant, we plan to develop a community of learning among safety net NICUs, build QI capacity, and better understand the factors that differentiate these NICUs and the care they provide. At the core of this effort will be a CPQCC led quality improvement collaborative, MOMMS (Motivating & Optimizing Maternal Milk in Safety Net NICUs), focused on breastmilk feeding. 


Collaborative Pre-work: May 2024
Collaborative Launch - Active Phase: June 2024 - May 2025
Culture Survey: July 2024 - August 2024
Sustainability Period: June 2025 - May 2026

Why your NICU should join

There is NO enrollment cost for participating safety net NICUs. This collaborative will be a unique opportunity for participating safety net NICUs to receive access to:

  • Expert panel to guide implementation of potentially better practices. 
  • CPQCC parent advisors to help guide implementation.
  • Formal QI learning support through CPQCC.
  • Mentorship from high performing NICUs.
  • Clinical and community resources. 
  • Opportunities to partner with OB and community settings. 
  • Expert assessment and feedback on your NICU's care culture (teamwork, safety, and well-being).
  • Community connections and friendships with your peers!

You may qualify for this free QI Collaborative as a Safety Net NICU if:

  • Your hospital treats an average of 66% or more patients on Medi-Cal
  • Your NICU treats >15 very low birthweight (VLBW) infants per year

Check to see if your hospital is eligble here. If you are uncertain if you meet the Safety Net NICU criteria, please reach out to Janice Seto at

What to Expect

Expectations for Participating Centers

✓ Identify the following key team members:
     ☐ NEO Physician Lead (consider OB as well);
     ☐ Nursing Lead;
     ☐ Social worker;
     ☐ Lactation consultant;
     ☐ QI Specialist; and
     ☐ Family Lead;

✓ Identify one of the above persons to be the main contact for the QI Collaborative.

✓ Provide a usable space and video conference capability for Zoom monthly sessions during the collaborative.

✓ Allow site leader and other NICU team members to attend 3 Hybrid Learning Sessions (5 hours each) but where possible, are financially supporting them to attend (flights, etc.).

✓ Allow site leader and other NICU team members to attend monthly Zoom sessions (1-hour each).

✓ Encourage your NICU family lead to attend Learning Sessions and monthly meetings. Consider potentially providing a stipend for their efforts.

✓ Contribute by reporting out and sharing progress throughout the 24-month collaborative.

✓ Establish a data collection system for monthly reporting of breastmilk feeding & other related clinical measures (the Collaborative Faculty Panel Team has resources available to help with system development).

✓ Allow site leader (with consensus from NICU team) to participate in context/process web surveys two times—once at start, and once at end—of the collaborative.

Expectations for NICU Site Leaders

✓ Arrange/schedule conference room and ensure video conference capability.

✓ Encourage your NICU team to participate in the video learning sessions.

✓ Disseminate relevant learnings from video sessions among other staff within the NICU.

✓ Complete a monthly 15 -20 minute Pulse survey on how the collaborative is going.

✓ Provide email list of NICU neonatologists and nursing staff for the web survey.


MOMMS Faculty Panel

MOMMS Advisory Board

Please make sure to check back on this page frequently for additional updates.