CPQCC has launched a maternal substance exposure database - the MatEx Database - to improve understanding of this critical public health issue.  By collecting data on all maternal substance exposures (including but not limited to opioids), we aim to improve healthcare for exposed newborns by focusing on treatment and length of stay in the hospital. This data will be used to drive improvement in the care provided to exposed infants through a range of reports designed to help hospitals identify areas of high and low performance, monitor the effects of improvement interventions, and conduct research that advances the quality of care.

Data collection on maternal exposures is overseen by our Maternal Substance Exposures Workgroup which is comprised of member hospitals that are passionate about this topic. The workgroup is led by co-chairs Robert Castro, Lisa Chyi, and Angela Huang

The MatEx Database

  • Is optional and open to both CPQCC member and non-member hospitals
  • Is available to use for both inborn and outborn patients
  • Is NICU focused but will not be limited to the NICU (in other words, data may also be collected on babies in the Well Baby Nursery who have been exposed to drugs in utero). No identifying data about the mother will be collected. 
  • Is housed on the NICU Data site
  • Is separate from the Mother & Baby Substance Exposure Initiative, which CPQCC is implementing in partnership with CMQCC and Health Management Associates in select counties across California. Hospitals that have been recruited to participate in the Mother & Baby Substance Exposure Initiative from the selected counties are strongly encouraged to also use the MatEx Database. Hospitals that are not part of the Mother & Baby Substance Exposure Initiative, including non-CPQCC member hospitals, are also strongly encouraged to use the database. 

Video Tutorials

MatEx Data Entry: Watch this short video tutorial on how to enter a data entry record into the MatEx Database.

MatEx Reports: This video shows how to access MatEx reports from CPQCC's NICU Reports site. 

QI Example: Check out this video to learn how to use MatEx data for quality improvement in your unit. 

Additional Resources 


To Start Using the MatEx Database 

Email info@cpqcc.org or submit a Help Ticket