Co-Chair and Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Jochen Profit is the Co-Chair and Co-Principal Investigator of the California Maternal (CMQCC) and Perinatal (CPQCC) Quality Care Collaboratives and the Wendy J. Tomlin-Hess Endowed Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford University. He has more than 20 years of experience in pediatrics and neonatal-perinatal medicine. Dr. Profit received his medical degree from the Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg, Germany. He completed pediatric residency training at Tufts University, and fellowships in neonatal-perinatal medicine and health services research and a Master of Public Health at Harvard.

He joined CPQCC in 2013 and has served as Chief Scientific Officer and, since 2018, as Chief Quality Officer. A recipient of the David Wirtschafter Award, he has overseen several local and statewide improvement efforts. At Stanford, he serves as Director, Perinatal Health Systems Research in the Division of Neonatal and Developmental Medicine. For the past 15 years Dr. Profit has received continuous funding for his research from federal, foundation, and intramural sources. His research has primarily focused on the optimization of care delivery to mothers and sick newborns and included health system design, care culture and provider well-being, health equity, and family centered care. Dr. Profit is a board member of the California Association of Neonatologists and at the national level has served in a variety of roles for the National Institutes of Health, the National Academies for Science, Engineering and Medicine, the Vermont Oxford Network, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. He is also incoming Co-chair of the Hot Topics in Neonatology Annual Meeting Program Committee.