How do I gain access to the NICU Data and Reports sites?

Requirements for access 

To request access to CPQCC  NICU Data and Reports Websites you MUST meet both qualifications below. 

  1. Be a current member of the hospital you need access to 
  2. Be currently listed on the Contact Report.

If you are not listed on the Contact Report, you will need another authorized user to request access for you. In this case, please add that person to the help ticket.

To request access

Please submit a ticket through our Help Desk.  Please include the following information in your ticket:

Have questions on how to request access to the NICU Data and Reports sites or on how to abstract or enter data?

  • The NICU Data Center has developed a series of tools and resources to assist Data Contacts in abstracting data and entering it into the NICU Database. Visit the NICU Database Resources page to explore available resources.
  • NICU Data Center team members are available to answer specific questions or to offer personalized support Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM by submitting a ticket through our Help Desk.